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Alfa Romeo Personal Contract Hire


The Personal Contract Hire (PCH) agreements that we offer are tailored for the needs of personal users, and act as a form of vehicle leasing. Under the terms of a PCH deal, when you select a new car you’ll pay a monthly lease fee on it for an agreed length of time. A typical lease lasts for between two and four years. The vehicle will be delivered to your door by the finance company, and it will retain ownership of that car.

When your lease term ends, you’ll have several choices including returning the lease car, or having it replaced with a new vehicle under a separate PCH agreement. At this point, you may want to buy the car outright, and this is possible under certain circumstances. The finance company will ask for a single lump sum, and once this is paid, you will legally own the vehicle.

The benefits to you

  • A PCH agreement allows you to select and use a new car for a low upfront payment (typically the equivalent of three months of repayments), and the monthly cost will be lower than if you’d taken a personal loan to purchase the car in full.
  • Choosing a PCH gives all customers a lower financial risk – the contract that you sign for the lease is for the monthly payments across the agreement term only, not for the entire value of the car. The amount that you’ll pay as a deposit is also smaller than you’d pay under a Hire Purchase or loan agreement.
  • Should you decide to swap your existing car for a new one, you won’t have to arrange or negotiate the sale of your current vehicle to do so.
  • You can choose the trim and colour scheme online for your new car – an option that isn’t available when selecting a used car from a dealership.
  • Any depreciation in the value of the vehicle affects the finance company’s investment and not your own, protecting your finances from any negative impact.
  • For customers who plan to only drive new models, and to replace their vehicle every few years, a PCH agreement is better value on a long-term basis than full ownership of a car.
  • The costs of all maintenance and servicing can be optionally included in the price of your car.
  • For the first 12 months of your lease contract, your road fund licence will always be included. This often continues for the total length of your PCH agreement. Every year, the finance company will send you the tax disc for your lease car’s windscreen.

To talk through your Personal Contract Hire and finance options, give us a call at Johnsons Alfa Romeo.


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