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Fleet Manager

Balancing the expectation of your drivers, needs of the business and all associated costs with running company car, regardless of the number of cars, can be a complex task.

We absolutely understand the many considerations that are important when you buy any business vehicle. Our skilled staff will work with you in all areas of buying, running and managing your company cars. With experts in all areas, including specialist staff for fleets of over 50 cars, our aim is to take some of the ambiguity out of managing your fleet.

We also appreciate that time is precious, and running a Fleet can be very time consuming. Our aim is to help you streamline in such a way that is uses as little time as possible, and wherever viable, provide priceless Fleet Management to your business. We can provide a point of contact for your drivers, taking some of the more time consuming elements from you, and can also supply bespoke reporting on you fleet.

Funding Options

Deciding how to fund your company cars can be a tough decision, and we can help you weigh up your options.

Test drives

We understand the frustrations of trying to obtain a test drives, for both you and your staff, we will help you to arrange this. We can even arrange to have several cars on your site for an open day to help your drivers choose.

Nominated Supply

You may already use a leasing company, and want us to work with them to manage you fleet. We have a relationship with many of the UK’s leading Leasing Companies and are help make this interaction as smooth as humanly possible.

Manufacture Liaison

You may want to meet with a Manufacturer to look at a formal supply arrangement, which we are able to arrange for you, and work on your behalf to obtain support wherever possible.

Which Manufacturer

With having 6 different manufacturers available to us, any of our Fleet Sales Executives have a comprehensive selection of ideal company cars to offer you. Ideally placed throughout the UK there will be someone in your vicinity to help you. Each of our Sales Executives is an expert in one Manufacturer, and they draw on one another to help find you the best possible car for you needs, allowing for budget, P11D restriction etc. If you have a fleet of over 50 vehicles, the we have specialist staff in this area.

Choice List

Wanting to have a more structures fleet? We can help you in writing a company car list that is good for your business, but also good for your drivers. We are particularly experienced in lowering CO2, and can advise on all available options, including Gas conversions

Whole Life Costs

Sometimes it can be difficult to calculate how much a car will cost you once you include costs such as employers NI, fuel, servicing and maintenance. This can make quite a difference, especially if you buy your cars outright, when the residual value also comes into the equation. We can help you compare various cars on a whole life cost basis.

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