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Leasing Company

Johnsons Fleet Services have 6 brands in their group, Honda, Lexus, Mazda, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo, and hold formal Fleet status with the every manufacturer. This includes Mazda, who have only 4 formal Fleet Centres, gaining access to additional pool of vehicles, not available elsewhere; a significant benefit with lead times.

As with many groups we have a central operation, where we have a large administration team, conversant with all brands. Where we differ is that we continue to manage each brand at a local level, not in mass PDI centres. We believe this gives our customer the best of both worlds.

Firstly, the comfort of coverage and support regardless of holidays or sickness, but secondly, brand specific expertise also. With cars being PDI’d by respective manufacturer trained technicians, any issues, or dealer fitted items are far more comprehensively managed.

Ebbon Dacs & 1 Link

We have 11 staff constantly monitoring Eddon Dacs and 1 Link, with a minimum of 1 person dedicated to each Manufacturer. Despite many Service Level Agreements requiring response times with 1hour, our internal SLA is an average response time of 20 minutes.


We operate deliveries using MoDel (hand held electronic device) for all brands where required and/or preferred by the Leasing Company. This provides instant delivery notes, return car information and photographs of damage on return cars.

Account Managers

We have specific Account Managers for each brand, plus multi-brand Account Managers so we can offer continual service regardless of holidays and illness.


Johnsons Fleet Services have a bespoke database and order management system. The biggest benefit being that every member of staff, at any one of our sites can see every order, regardless of brand. This includes delivered cars, as well as those on order. Just some of the information available on each vehicle is full specification, pricing, Registration and Chassis number, and most importantly, current status.

This level of transparency is unrivalled, but ensures that anyone answering a call to a member of your staff, or a customer of yours can answer a query without having to either transfer the call, or refer to another branch. This is the case even if, for example, they call our Toyota site about a Volkswagen order.

Test Drive Bookings

We have dedicated resource to manage, monitor and review test drive enquiries, providing your customers with an excellent service.


We run our own transporters and fully employ our own delivery drivers although we do also need to use external delivery agents. Each vehicle delivery is measured for customer satisfaction. Any out-sourced delivery agents that score below 7 out of 10 do not get paid for that delivery, which has significantly improved the experience for the end-user drivers. This has also allowed us to identify the best performing delivery companies.

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