Gold Service | Johnsons Hyundai

Gold Service at Johnsons

Driving vehicle in
Check operation of horn
Check condition / operation of seat belts
Check operation of brakes
Check operation of parking brake lever
Check operation of all lights
Check electrical equipment as fitted
Visually check front brake pads -
Check exhaust for leakage
Check condition of wiper blades
Check condition of windscreen
Check mirror condition (external)
Check mirror condition (interior)
Check number plates
Under bonnet
Drain engine oil and replace
Replace oil filter
Replace spark plug (petrol)
Replace air filter
Replace fuel filter
Check brake fluid level
Check anti-freeze coolant level
Check / top-up clutch fluid
Check / top-up screenwash level
Check / top-up power steering level
Check / top-up power steering level
Check / top-up manual transaxle fluid (where applicable)
Check / top-up automatic transaxle fluid (where applicable)
Check / top-up battery electrolyte level
Check security / condition of battery terminals
Visually check condition of drive belt (if accessible)
Visually check engine bay for leaks
Check electric cooling fan for operation (where applicable)
Perform battery test
Test battery for cranking power
Test alternator for charging operation and security
Test brake fluid for moisture content OR boiling point
Remove wheels and check discs / drums for wear, cracks, corrosion and scoring
Check brake pads for wear / damage
Check brake callipers for leaks and operation
Visually check brake hydraulic systems, pipes and hoses for leaks, chafing and corrosion
Check security of parking brake linkages, lubricate if applicable
Adjust parking brake lever
Set wheel nut torque to manufacturer's settings
Check / top up rear differential oil
Check / top up transfer box oil levels
Check suspension and shock absorbers for leaks
Check wheel bearings for excessive play
Check condition of drive shaft and gaitors
Check power steering for leaks and operation
Check condition of exhaust and hangers
Visual check of fuel lines and pipework
Visual check of underbody for corrosion and report
Check clutch operation
Check / adjust clutch pedal
Tyres (including spare)
Check tyre tread depth and record x3 readings across tyre
Front offside
Front nearside
Rear offside
Rear nearside
Check tyres for indications of uneven wear/ steering misalignment
Check tyre pressures and adjust if necessary
Diagnostic test
Connect to Hi Scan Pro / GDS (as applicable), run diagnostic test and report
Road test
Check for abnormal noises