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It's Fixed! 3-15 years

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We want to make it easy for you to know your servicing costs upfront. Our Minor Service is £174 and Major service is £284 offering genuine value. You get more with Johnsons SEAT service as we won't charge extra for items such as fully synthetic oil.

MINOR £174MAJOR £284
MINOR £174MAJOR £284
Car serviced to manufacturer's recommendations Check suspension system -
Premium synthetic oil change Check and adjust tension of drive belts -
Change oil filter Remove all wheels for full inspection of braking system -
Change fuel filter (diesel engines) - Replace spark plugs (petrol engines) -
Comprehensive vehicle inspection and report Check heating/air-conditioning operation -
Check and top-up screenwash and antifreeze Reset service interval display -
Check for outstanding vehicle safety, software and product enhancements fom SEAT's database Vehicle road test
Diagnostics check and report SEAT stamp in service book
Air filter replacement - Courtesy wash and vacuum
Pollen filter replacement (where required)

*Vehicle inspection: inspection of all lights, instruments, bodywork, glass, locks, battery, drive belts, suspension, steering, fuel lines, brake pads/shoes/ discs, hoses, wash/wipe system, exhaust system, engine components, fuid levels and tyres. **Vehicle road test: includes checking steering alignment, clutch and braking operation, engine performance, suspension noise and driving controls. It's Fixed! is available to retail customers only. For SEAT cars one year up to 15 years old on a time and servicing regime only. All prices are (where applicable) inclusive of all parts, oil, labour and VAT and come with a two-parts warranty.