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Diesel Particulate Filter Treatment​

Fortron Diesel Particulate Treatment (DPF) has been formulated as a fuel tank additive to treat the DPF contamination and as a preventive maintenance tool. This treatment contains a proven catalytic additive which reduces the size of the soot particles produced during combustion, and lowers the temperature at which the soot is burned off during the regeneration process. This allows a more complete and rapid regeneration of the particulate filter, even under less than optimum driving conditions, such as prolonged urban driving cycles.

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Additionally, Fortron Diesel Particulate Treatment contains certain boosters, anti-oxidants, lubricants and ash dispersants helping to improve engine performance, valve and injector cleanliness and reducing exhaust emissions.


  • Reduces soot ignition temperature
  • Aids passive regeneration of the DPF
  • Suitable for all Diesel fuels
  • Reduces soot and exhaust gas emissions
  • Extends DPF life
  • Helps maintains engine performance and efficiency
  • No secondary emissions

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