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Total Fuel System Treatment​

Fortron Total Fuel System Treatment is an advanced technology product, scientifically formulated for use with all types of petrol and diesel engines. It’s industrial uses include mining, marine, farming, automotive and transportation.


  • Highly concentrated, economical and biodegradable.
  • Suitable for both Petrol and Diesel.
  • Compatible with Bio-Fuels and Hi-Tech Diesels.
  • Contains no hydrocarbons or corrosive / hazardous ingredients.


  • Improves engine performance and reliability.
  • Absorbs and removes water—prevents fungal and microbial growth.
  • Decarbonizes combustion chamber.
  • Dissolves and prevents wax, gum and varnish deposits.
  • Helps improve fuel economy.
  • Extends storage life of fuels.

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