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New Alfa Romeo Giulietta Be yourself Elegant Hatchback

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A combination of Italian elegance, driving pleasure and sporty character, it’s impossible not to feel excited when you step behind the wheel of the New Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

Designed to attract attention without being ostentatious, the smooth and flowing lines of the exterior showcase all the best that Alfa Romeo have to offer. And its distinctive driving traits, complete with D.N.A. Selector and specifically designed suspension units ensure optimal handling wherever you’re driving.

Comfort and sportiness are a match made in heaven, or, in this case, the interior of this stunning model. A host of luxurious materials and advanced technology make the Giulietta not only comfortable drive but incredibly intuitive, too.

Read on to find out more about this exciting model!

Elegance, everywhere No matter the journey, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta is sure to get you there in style. With careful crafting of each line, this model is perfect for turning heads without ever becoming ostentatious – a hallmark of this iconic Italian marque.
Elegant motion Contoured beauty Flowing out from the instantly recognisable triangular front grille, the smooth contours of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta bring to mind elegant motion, even when the vehicle is standing still. From emphasising the muscular bonnet to lending aerodynamics to the body, you’ll always feel a thrill when climbing into the driver’s seat.
Extra touch It’s all in the Carbon Adding to the Giulietta’s impressive appearance, several details have been enhanced in matt black carbon such as the front grille and side mirrors. A stunning look no matter which body colour you choose, it’s the perfect extra touch of sportiness.
Alloy Wheels Diamond cut Diamond cut alloy wheels complete the exterior look with an impressive sophistication. Featuring five spokes and with the Alfa Romeo badge nestled in the centre of each one, you’re sure to be recognised wherever you go.
Sporty and sumptuous Inside the cabin, luxurious materials combine with advanced technology to create the ultimate sporty driving experience. High-quality materials allow you to relax with ease, while a host of infotainment and driver assistance technologies wait to elevate your journey to your best yet.
Detailed touches Sumptuous stitching Red stitching on the steering wheel, gear knob and handbrake complement the leather and Alcantara materials on the inside, providing understated contrast that only enhances the cabin’s luxurious feel.
Interior Style Relax in privacy Darkened interior headlining and privacy glass lend a muted, relaxed feel to the cabin that is perfect for everything from long drives to keeping your cool on exciting roads. Add to that the comfortable sports seats and there isn’t a road you won’t face in comfort.
Technology Constant connectivity A host of connectivity features add the final touch to your vehicle – a 6.5-inch touchscreen infotainment system with navigation and DAB radio, dual zone climate control and cruise control are just a few of the comforts you can expect behind the wheel.
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