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Lexus Business Centre Manager​

The person in this job should be friendly, assertive, independent, quick paced and have the ability to motivate others. Contactability and communication are also key notes, as the job environment may require the active influencing and persuading of a variety of people in changing situations.

The generation of many contacts and involvement in selling a product or concept by gaining willing acceptance will be important within the function. The successful candidate should enjoy challenging situations and have the flexibility to work in an unstructured environment where there is freedom to act and the authority to take decisions. The job will best be fulfilled by a person who is self-confident, enthusiastic, friendly, positive, selfstarting, competitive, venturesome, mobile, active, alert and independent. The achievement of results through people is important to the function.

Role requirements:
o Optimally, the position will be filled with someone who possesses a confident and poised approach.
o Candidates who exude natural self-confidence will be actively sought after.
o The ability to make favourable impressions on others will be an important attribute.
o Gaining the enthusiastic commitment of others is an important component of this job.
o The ability to solve problems and implement appropriate remedial measures would benefit the incumbent.
o An assertive, but not an aggressive, style could be a requirement of this post.
o The ability to set tough goals are an important role requirement.
o Reacting quickly to change will be viewed in a positive light.
o Preferred candidates will demonstrate a propensity for undertaking important assignments independently and with a desire to do so even if this means working unconventionally.
o Being innovative, independent of thought and willing to venture boldly into the unknown will often yield more than the desired and most rewarding outcomes.
o Superior performance will be expected from those candidates capable of showing initiative, willing to challenge established practices and who are prepared to work independently of precedent or rules.
o Being self-critical and fault-finding will play an important part in the delivery of superior performance.
o This position calls for candidates who are anxious to maintain a high work rate and who will be discontented merely maintaining the status quo.
o Candidates who are always looking for new and better ways of doing things will be welcomed in this role.
o Mobility and alertness will be required of incumbents who intend to perform satisfactorily in this position.
o People with a clearly goal-directed restlessness will qualify for short-listing in this position

Process Improvement (assessment and fix)

Able to handle issues with minimal support and implements solutions that resolve problems effectively

Work organisation

Manages work activities that deliver the required outcomes with minimal support

IT application

Understands requirements for own work and develops outcomes with regular direction

Verbal Communication (articulation & language)

Fluent communicator, sees both sides, formulates convincing counter arguments

Written Communication (articulation & language)

Effective written communicator, develops structured and clear communications with little input from others


Organised administrator, able to structure requirements, instruct others to achieve aims

Supervision (authority)

Team member in non-supervisory position able to influence colleagues through best practices


A commercial mindset with a focused on delivering objectives against target

Data analysis

Capable of analysing and manipulating information and data o provide information outputs with minimal or no guidance

Ref: JC402

Working Hours Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm
Location Johnsons Lexus Liverpool
Salary £25000 basic; Competative OTE/Bonus Scheme
Benefits Company car, company laptop and phone
Closing Date 28/02/2019
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