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Fiat Telento Combi seats

Plenty of Room​

Once you step inside the Talento Combi, you’ll be greeted by vast amounts of room, perfect for seating up to nine passengers at any one time. The seats have been strategically placed in three rows of seating to provide each occupant with maximum comfort, no matter where in the vehicle they’re located. Not only is there plenty of room for passengers, you’ll also be able to store all of their belongings with ease in the impressive boot space.

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Fiat Telento Combi interior space

Compact, Agile and Capable​

The Talento Combi has been designed with the driver in mind, from the anti-theft immobiliser allowing you to rest easy knowing your vehicle is safe, to the matt black or diamond grey 17-inch alloy wheels for maximum personalisation or the double French doors that make access easier. This model will truly be able to meet all of your transportation needs, all while ensuring you do so in style.

Available in a wide range of colours to suit both your needs and preferences, there’s the perfect option for you. Among the shades is the exclusive Fiat Metallic Green that will help you stand out for all the right reasons. You can also select resistant metallic or pastel paint that will retain its quality and uniformity over time, therefore helping your business vehicle to remain as professional as possible.

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Fiat Telento Combi lights

Reliable and Cost Effective​

To ensure you’re getting the engine that meets your individual needs, you’re able select your preference from a range of Ecojet Euro 6 variations, all of which are diesel based. The first is the Ecojet 95hp, followed by the Ecojet 125hp and then the Ecojet 145hp engine. Each engine is powerful and reliable, and will also ensure your running costs are reduced when transporting your passengers, so if you’re looking for a cost effective model, look no further than the Talento Combi.

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Guaranteed Comfort

While you’re behind the wheel, you’ll be able to relax thanks to the elegant ambience within; the height adjustable driver’s seat with armrest and lumber support will ensure you’re at your best even when venturing out on the longest of journeys. To keep you entertained and going in the right direction, the seven-inch touchscreen radio nav multimedia centre complete with Bluetooth®, CD and MP4 player means you’re easily able to enjoy your favourite music, and the steering wheel controls allow you to control it while remaining focused on the road ahead.

With the help of the rear view camera, you’ll never have felt so comfortable parking. By highlighting what’s happening behind you on the built-in screen on the rear view mirror, it allows for continuous vision while pulling into your parking space with the perfect trajectory. Benefit from recirculated air and mitigate weather in the cab thanks to the manual climate control with front air vents and, on request, rear ones – allowing all of your passengers to enjoy the cool air on warmer days.

Fiat Talento Combi Lifestyle

Safety First​

Just like its cargo-transporting counterpart, the Talento Combi comes equipped with a number of safety features that will keep you and your passengers at your safest while out and about. The hill holder is perfect for tackling those uphill starts with ultimate ease, even when you have all eight passengers in tow – it automatically holds the vehicle for several seconds without having to press the brake pedal. And the electronic stability control offers you exceptional grip and stability by independently managing the braking force on the wheels when taking on a curve.

Make the most of Traction+, an innovative traction control system that improves the vehicle’s traction on the most challenging surfaces with poor grip. Under these conditions, the control unit detects slipping and applies the breaks, transmitting the drive torque on the wheel with the best grip on the ground. This is done to ensure your vehicle’s performance provides a more comfortable experience, while still ensuring the best stability and handling possible.

Fiat Talento Combi Dashboard

Test drive the Talento Combi today​

If you’d like to discover why this exceptional model should be your next transportation vehicle, get in touch with a member of our helpful and friendly team today to book your test drive. You can call us today or pop into Johnsons Fiat Profesional in Swindon, where we will be able to answer all of your questions in person.

Fiat Talento Combi Upholstery