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Combined GAP at Johnsons Cars

​Protecting you against unexpected financial loss

​Do you know how much your motor insurer would pay out if your vehicle was written off or stolen?

It’s very likely that they will only pay out the current market value of your vehicle – it’s also very likely that this will be less than you paid for it or less than any outstanding finance you have on it.

​What are the financial implications for you?

Unless you are prepared to use your own funds, you would only have what your main motor insurer pays out to put towards buying a replacement vehicle. This would certainly limit your options. Similarly, you could be left having to personally fund the difference between your motor insurers pay out and the amount required to settle your finance agreement.

How can you protect yourself against this financial loss?

This is where Combined GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) can help. If your vehicle is written off or stolen and declared a total loss by your motor insurer, Combined GAP will cover the difference between the vehicles current value and the net invoice price you paid for it, or any outstanding finance (whichever difference is greater).

The current value is either your main motor insurer’s preincident value or, in some cases, the retail transacted value shown in Glass’s Guide (please see Terms & Conditions for more details).

​One less thing to worry about

Combined GAP is designed to be a simple level of extra protection for you should your vehicle be written off or stolen and declared a total loss by your motor insurer.

In the event of a total loss, Combined GAP will also pay up to £250 towards your motor insurance excess.

Combined GAP Insurance, Johnsons Cars

​A few things to be aware of

  • Combined GAP is available for new and used cars and LCV’s supplied by Johnsons and provides cover for 36 months
  • However, if you have finance in place for your vehicle, Combined GAP will continue to cover your finance for an additional 12 months provided your finance agreement does not expire and is not settled early – check with your dealer for more details
  • ​Negative equity (outstanding finance or debt) carried over from a previous vehicle is not covered
  • This policy will not cover any claim if the insured vehicle is stolen or driven without your consent by any person who has access to the keys; unless access to the key was gained through forcible means.
  • Your vehicle must be used only for private use on a public highway
  • Some motor insurers will offer you a replacement vehicle if yours is declared a total loss. If you don’t accept this offer it could have an impact on your Combined GAP claim. It may even result in no benefit being paid.

Johnsons Combined GAP is provided by MAPFRE ABRAXAS. MAPFRE ABRAXAS is a leading provider of GAP insurance with many years experience of providing peace of mind to their automotive customers. All of their products are designed, built and administered under one UK roof.

They benefit from being part of MAPFRE ASSISTANCE which is a multinational insurance company founded in Spain, which today operates in Europe, America, Asia,= Africa and the UK. MAPFRE are one of the largest insurance businesses in the world employing over 36,000 people.

Please see our terms and conditions for full details. Abraxas Insurance Administration Services Limited authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority with FCA number 308702 and who acts on behalf of the Insurer. Abraxas Insurance Administration Services Limited registered in England and Wales with company number 02928787 and whose registered o ce is at One Glass Wharf, Bristol, BS2 0ZX. Mapfre Asistencia Compañía Internacional de Seguros y Reaseguros Sociedad Anonima authorised by Dirección General de Seguros y Fondos de Pensiones and subject to limited regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority. Details about the extent of regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority are available on request. Mapfre Asistencia Compañía Internacional de Seguros y Reaseguros Sociedad Anonima is incorporated and registered in the Kingdom of Spain and registered as a foreign company in the United Kingdom with company number FC021974, acting through its UK branch with branch number BR008042 and whose principal o ce is at Alpha House, 5th Floor, 24A Lime Street, London, EC3M 7HS.