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Paint Insurance at Johnsons Cars

Most new car buyers are keen to retain its immaculate showroom look for as long as possible. As well as being a matter of aesthetics and personal pride, keeping your paintwork free from scratches, scuffs and dents is important in maintaining your vehicle’s resale value. The swift repair of any damage that does occur also prevents minor cosmetic damage from rusting and becoming a bigger problem later on.

This is, however, not an easy task. Normal everyday use carries with it the danger of cosmetic damage to your vehicle’s paintwork, whether this is caused by minor traffic incidents, the carelessness of other parties whilst your car is parked, or even deliberate vandalism.

Paint insurance provides you with cover against eventualities that may well not be covered by conventional policies, such as small but unsightly scratches under a certain diameter. Your nearest Johnsons franchise will be able to offer you a comprehensive and competitive paint insurance policy.

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