Fleet Cars | Stafford | Johnsons Fleet

Title: Fleet Account Manager

Started: I started working for Johnsons Fleet in March 2015

Duties: Ensure quotes/orders are dealt with in a timely manner and are accurate, Progress updating on all systems, Problem solving, Liaise with Brokers, Customers and drivers via telephone and mail. Ensure a smooth and excellent experience for all.

About Me: I am 36years old, with two Children, Corey and Lilly.

I have a passion for cars, anything old, new, fast or slow. I love to drive, tinker with cars and talk about them in general. I appreciate all vehicles and like to educate myself on the irrelevant facts of cars.

I am also very family orientated, I am one of five siblings, I have two older sisters and two younger and we are all very close.

Random Fact: I once owned a De-Lorean DMC-12 (Back to the Future car), However the vehicle was not mechanically sound and was out of my price range to restore.

8600 were made in Dunmurry, Belfast, Ireland for the American Market which was funded by the Conservative Government, The DMC Company lasted a little over 3years before the funding was pulled in 1982 due to poor sales caused by a severe winter in the states. it is believed only 6000 survive to this day and It's still the coolest car I have ever driven.

Fav Place: Skye Isle Scotland, Beautiful and peaceful, away from all the Cities.