Ryan Durr: Broker Sales | Stafford | Johnsons Fleet
Ryan Durr Broker Sales
About Work Date Working for Johnsons

I started working for Johnsons Fleet Services on the 1st December 2012 as an account manager, since then I have worked my way through several roles (Fleet Support and an LBDM) in the business to take on the broker sales role which I love.

About me at Johnsons

Being part of the Fleet Broker Team is great, we work together to ensure our customers have all they need when promoting and selling the brands we supply, sending out rate sheets, flyers and information about quarterly campaigns. It’s great to be in the broker team with Toniya and Gary as they both bring different qualities to the job roles and we can bounce of each other, we have a pretty full office too and the atmosphere is always buzzing, such a great team!

About me before Johnsons

Prior to working for Johnsons I worked for a small family run hardware store, where I worked for 6 years and went from part time to full time, gaining knowledge in the products sold and also working in new areas of the business like Goods inwards, deliveries and key cutting. As well as this job I worked a handful of other part time jobs in retail and bars.
About Me As you can see in my photo my girlfriend is punching well above her standards… I have been with Erin since 2008 and we are pretty much inseparable. We both love to travel, going to concerts and festivals and since we’ve bought our first home, gardening. I coach a local youth football team in my spare time which I enjoy and get a real buzz from as football is life! Erin’s family own a small holding which I work also work on when not selling cars and coaching a football team. We have Pigs, Chickens and Ducks but we also run a farm shop on there too. I enjoy going out with the lads to the pub, watching footy or going to gigs.

Random Fact

I have a small collection of pocket watches and have also started my vinyl record collection!

Favourite Place

This depends on how I feel, I love being in the hustle and bustle of Time Square New York or chilling with cold cocktail on any Caribbean Island with the sun blazing!