Tom Phelps

about work Date started working for Johnsons

Worked for Johnsons since August 2015.

About me at Johnsons I was employed as an apprentice and then taken on as a full time member of staff with the Deliveries team. I started doing Fleet Support half the week, which lead to me becoming a member of the Fleet Account Management team in January 2017, since January 2018 I have been an Account Manager.

About me before Johnsons

Johnsons Fleet was my first full time Job after completing my A-Levels.
about me I started working for Johnsons at 17 in 2015. I have a season ticket at Aston Villa, will watch or play anything to do with sport. FIFA specialist and a serial Neflix-er.

Random Fact

I can put both my legs behind my head (which I was made to prove shortly after joining Johnsons)

Favourite Place

Anywhere hot and near a beach, I'm not made for the winter!