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Not Just a Pretty Face

It’s hard not to love the design of the Ford Edge. Its exterior boasts an impressive silhouette: impressive yet sleek, with curved edges and streamlined shape. You’ll also notice a fresh-looking grille, complemented by alloy wheels. Inside, the Edge offers both space and comfort, and matches the exterior’s pleasing aesthetic. Ford’s SYNC 3 system offers great connectivity on-the-go, for navigation, handsfree phone calls, and in-car entertainment. You can also upgrade to Ford’s exclusive Sony entertainment system for superior sound quality. Offering plenty of leg room along with ample storage space in the boot, the Edge offers comfortable journeys, even when fully loaded.

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Very Clever Technology

Packed with clever features, the Edge makes driving safer and more enjoyable. Adaptive Steering offers pin-point precision for tight manoeuvres and, at higher speeds, automatically increases the agility of your driving experience. There’s also a Sport Mode available, making curved roads more fun and rewarding. Active Noise Control is designed to reduce any undesired noise inside the car. It’s a cover system, combining microphones to detect and measure sound waves, and a control unit to sort and separate them. The result: reduced white noise for peace and tranquility, and greater clarity for conversation and music.

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Safety First

High-performing, good looking and efficient, the Edge also uses an advanced Intelligent Protection System, cleverly coordinating its safety features. It’s Roll Stability Control system, helps to keep the tyres grounded, reducing the risk of going off balance. Electronic Stability Control monitors your progress constantly, automatically offering improved grip as and when you need it. If you’re towing heavy loads for work or holidays, Trailer Sway Control detects ‘snaking’ or swaying from trailers, and reduces the Edge’s speed to counteract the problem. And its Blind Spot Information and RADAR systems work in tandem to keep you more aware of other vehicles.


Smart Comfort and Convenience

The Ford Edge has everything you need and more for a stylish and luxurious SUV drive. From entertainment and safety to smooth handling, expect a fun driving experience every day. It's designed to take on long-haul adventures, but can also nip around the city with its agile driving capabilities. The Edge’s Torque Vectoring Control system offers sharper handling and improves grip on the road. The Hill Start Assist feature will make slopes and inclines less tricky, and is also handy if you need to stop and start when surfaces becomes slippery. Inside, soft upholstery and ample space ensures you are always comfortable. Adaptive Cruise Control allows you to select a speed which the Edge will maintain for you with built-in RADAR technology. If this system detects a change in speed in the vehicle ahead, it will automatically adjust the speed to maintain a safe distance. Once the road ahead is clear again, the car will then accelerate for you, back to your chosen speed.

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Power, Control and Efficiency

The 2.0 TDCi diesel engine is available in two power options: 180bhp and 210bhp Bi-Turbo. Both engines utilise cutting-edge technology to maximise the Edge’s performance and torque, whilst improving fuel economy and lowering emissions. Opt for a six-speed manual transmission or an automatic, depending on your preference. Your drive is also enhanced by the car's Emergency Brake Assist helps which maximises braking power and effectiveness. It’s controlled via the Electronic Stability Control system, which detects the pressure you’ve applied to the brakes and adds more automatically, if required. This system has the added advantage of improving the car’s grip on the road, by stabilising individual wheels as and when it becomes necessary.

Ford Edge Dashboard

Constantly Keeping You Safe

RADAR sensors work with the Blind Spot Information system to help detect vehicles that may be hard to see, alerting you via a light in your side mirrors. The SYNC 3 system also includes Emergency Assist. In the event of an accident, you can make calls to the emergency services in seconds, and the system can even provide them with vital information such as your GPS signal. In the back of the Edge there’s an option to fit inflatable seat belts, designed to further reduce the risk of injury. In the event of a collision, they spread the crash force over a larger area and offer better control of the head and neck. For younger families, the Edge can be easily fitted with two child seats via the rear ISOFIX attachments.

Ford Edge Safety

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The Edge has a great deal to offer, whether you want it for work, family or just for fun. High-performing, very reliable and packed with clever features – there’s a lot to love. And you can test drive yours by contacting Johnsons today. Find our closest Ford dealership to you and reach us online, by phone, or in person. We’ll be only too glad to tell you more and book your test drive so you can experience the Edge’s true quality for yourself.

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