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Lexus Servicing and Maintenance for car over 5 years old

Lexus Essential Care, available at Lexus Liverpool

Lexus Essential Care is a bespoke service for your Lexus. It is designed for Lexus cars that are out of their warranty period, over 5 years old. As part of the warranty requirements, owners have to follow strict guidelines in how they maintain and vehicle. Once this warranty period ends, lots of owners seek alternative options.

A Lexus Essential Care Service, offers the option to go for a more cost-effective service for Lexus cars over 5 years old. However, unlike other options, you will still get the Lexus quality you’ve come to expect from Lexus Liverpool. This includes Lexus trained technicians, the use of only Lexus genuine parts, and the inclusion of a complimentary Hybrid Health Check which provides a one year, 10,000 mile warranty on the Hybrid Battery.

Available from £165, an essential care service protects your vehicles service history, value as well as extending the hybrid battery warranty.

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Lexus Essential Care Service Plans

A service plan spreads the cost of your service (normally done annually depending on mileage) over monthly instalments. So not only can you take advantage of the cost-effective Essential Care solution, you can spread the cost with a service plan.

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