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Hyundai Models with Advanced Payment

Introduced in 1977 with the aim of improving mobility and independence for individuals with a disability, the Motability Scheme is a successful collaboration between manufacturers, banks, charities, insurance companies and the government that has exceeded all expectations in the 35 years since its creation.

Whichever Hyundai you choose, your dedicated Motability consultant at Johnsons Hyundai will handle all the paperwork on your behalf, placing your order and arranging any adaptations necessary. The support doesn't end when you drive off though, as the cost for scheduled servicing is included in your plan, alongside insurance, road tax, breakdown cover, tyres, and windscreen repairs.

Book an appointment with a friendly Motability specialist at one of our Hyundai showrooms to talk about our Hyundai Motability offers. We will also arrange a test drive so that you can decide which one is right for you.

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