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Bristol Diesel Ban and Clean Air Zone (CAZ)

In an attempt to reduce the levels of toxic NO2 in the air, Bristol will be introducing a Diesel Ban in the city centre. This means all private diesel vehicles will be banned from entering the centre between selected hours. The zone is set to start in July 2020, so will be arriving imminently.

Bristol also have plans to introduce a Clean Air Zone. This zone is still in the planning stages and while it will cover a larger area, the rules are likely to be less stringent than the diesel ban and are thought not to cover private vehicles

When does the Bristol Diesel Ban start?

Currently, both the Diesel Ban and the Clean Air Zone are expected to start as soon as March 2021. However, these plans are still to be approved by the government so still aren’t set in stone.

Where will the Bristol Diesel Ban affect?

The Diesel Ban will cover a large area and start at the end of the M32 and include the old city, Spike Island, Redcliffe and Harbourside.

The Clean Air Zone will cover an even larger area from Ashton Vale up to parts of Ashley Down.

Bristol Diesel Ban and Clean Air Zone © OpenStreetMap contributors
Bristol Diesel Ban and Clean Air Zone © OpenStreetMap contributors

At what times does the Bristol Diesel Plan apply?

Exact details are still to be confirmed but current plans suggest that the Diesel Ban will apply between 7am and 3pm for 7 days a week.

The Clean Air Zone is thought to apply 24 hours a day for 7 days a week.

How much is the charge for the Bristol Clean Air Zone?

Current reports suggest that the Clean Air Zone won’t affect private cars and instead will charge £9 per day for taxis and vans and £100 for busses and HGVs.

The Diesel ban however will affect private diesel cars. The details on how this will be enforced are still unclear

Are there any exemption to the Bristol Diesel Ban and Clean Air Zone?

Currently there are no clear details about exemptions but it is thought that Blue Badge holders and low-income households might have some exemptions to the ban.

What should I do if I’ve got a diesel car?

If you live in or regularly travel to the centre of Bristol, and you currently have a diesel car, now is the time for action. If you’re already looking at changing your vehicle, you’d want to make sure you don’t buy a diesel to avoid the diesel ban. If you’re not looking at changing your car now might be the time to start.

Currently, no plans exist for private drivers to be affected by the Clean Air Zone, so for most drivers in Bristol their only concern is the diesel ban.

If you’re looking at changing car, most of our new cars are available as non-diesel variants including petrol, hybrid and electric. We also have a large range of used non-diesel cars for you to search through.

Alternatively, you might want to consider an electric or hybrid car. Oxford is introducing a Zero Emissions Zone and it is likely that more and more places will impose tighter restriction on vehicles driving in their city. An electric or hybrid vehicle might be a safer long term option for these cases.

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Please note, this page is as accurate as possible at the time of creation (February 2020). All plans and details may change at a later date.