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Plenty of Appeal

Whether you require a reliable second vehicle for your household or you’re a first-time driver, the Aygo is an ideal choice. This characterful city car is sure to put a smile on the face of family and friends alike, not to mention complete strangers. For instance, it sports a large X motif on its front fascia, which ensures that it gets noticed very quickly. The Aygo is available in three and five-door body styles. If you typically drive alone or with a co-passenger, the former will be more than adequate. However, if you regularly travel with a gang of friends or a gaggle of kids, the latter is definitely worth considering. As well as looking good on the outside, the Aygo impresses with its sporty interior, which includes a retro-style speedometer that’s easily viewed through the top of the car’s steering wheel.

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Entertain and Inform

All models come with a stereo system that includes an AM/FM radio. USB connectivity features too, enabling plugging, playing and charging of compatible media devices. Next-level x-play trims add DAB radio, which is perfect for people who like their favourite stations to be transmitted with pin-sharp audio reproduction. The same grade also features Bluetooth connectivity, enabling more music-listening options, as well as hands-free telephony. x-touch trims, meanwhile add a seven-inch touchscreen display, which provides access to video output from a reversing camera and more.

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Small, Stylish and Safe

The Toyota Aygo is installed with a number of important safety features as standard. For instance, LED daytime running lights grace the front of the car; emitting a distinctive light signature, while making the vehicle easily visible to other motorists. Electronic Stability Control and Anti-lock Braking System are included too, helping the Aygo to minimise skidding, among other things.Hill-start Assist and Tyre Pressure Monitoring System also feature – the latter warns the driver if a tyre happens to suffer a loss of air pressure. The Aygo protects passengers of all ages, thanks to passive safety features such as ISOFIX child seat attachments and four airbags.


Toyota Aygo

The Toyota Aygo has received plenty of critical approval from the automotive press. Even Top Gear – who are notoriously hard to please – has awarded this city car eight out of ten, describing it as a “good to drive” city car that possesses “great looks, decent refinement and build”. The sporty looking, agile Aygo is also very affordable to run. Furthermore, the current-generation model is bigger than ever, resulting in a more spacious environment for its occupants. The car features a 168-litre boot space too, which can be expanded to 812 litres with rear seats folded. The Aygo is available in the following trim levels: x, x-play, x-press, x-style, x-cite and the range-topping x-clusiv.

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City Slicker

One of the Aygo’s principal selling points is its diminutive stature and nimble qualities, which make it ideal for weaving through traffic-congested streets. The vehicle’s compact dimensions ensure that it can slot into pretty much any parking space, making it perfect for impromptu visits to friends or the shops. The Aygo is bigger on the inside than first impressions might lead you to think, and possesses a surprisingly roomy front compartment. It comes with are a range of useful cubby spaces too, such as a well-proportioned glove compartment and large door bins.

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A Prudent Performer

A standard-issue 1.0-litre 68bhp petrol engine is also the most fuel-efficient option available for the Aygo, and is attached to a five-speed manual gearbox. (If you prefer not to use the clutch, you can opt for a model that is fitted with x-shift automated manual transmission.) As well as producing CO2 emissions as low as 95g/km, this returns as much as close to 70mpg, making the car very affordable to run. The Aygo is a lively little mover that is fun to drive; it handles corners with ease, and the steering is light and precise. The latest generation also benefits from improved sound-dampening in the cabin, thus reducing external noises such as wind.

New Toyota Aygo Dashboard

Take the Toyota Aygo for a Test Drive

If you would like to put the Aygo through its paces, why not book a test drive with us today? All you need to do is complete our online contact form whenever you’re ready. Please try to provide us with a secondary time and date that is amenable to you. We are usually always able to honour our customers’ first choice, but we certainly don’t want to disappoint. We’d love to see you at our Wirral, Liverpool or Southport branches – or receive your phone call. However you choose to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.

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