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October Used Car Clearance Johnsons Toyota in Merseyside

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Johnsons Toyota are bringing you a range of Delivery Mileage Toyota YARIS cars.

Save £4,000 when compared to new on these like-new cars. Plus, we'll offer you an extra £1,500 for your Toyota Part Ex-Change* when you buy one of the below cars.

Model Colour REG Was Now SAVE
YARIS ICON 5DRNEBULA BLUEDH19CGV£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRNEBULA BLUEDH19DFP£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRNEBULA BLUEDH19DFY£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRNEBULA BLUEDH19DGX£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRNEBULA BLUEDH19DGY£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRNEBULA BLUEDH19DHA£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRNEBULA BLUEDH19DKV£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRNEBULA BLUEDH19EEA£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRNEBULA BLUEDH19EVK£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRNEBULA BLUEDH19EXM£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRNEBULA BLUEDH19FBX£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRNEBULA BLUEDH19FNW£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRNEBULA BLUEDH19FWT£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRNEBULA BLUEDH19GCK£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRNEBULA BLUEDH19GDX£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRNEBULA BLUEDH19GDY£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRNEBULA BLUEDH19GFJ£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRNEBULA BLUEDH19GVZ£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRNEBULA BLUEDH19GWC£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRNEBULA BLUEDH19GWK£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRNEBULA BLUEDH19GWJ£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRNEBULA BLUEDH19GWE£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRNEBULA BLUEDH19GWZ£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRNEBULA BLUEDH19GXC£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRNEBULA BLUEDH19GXF£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRNEBULA BLUEDH19GXZ£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRNEBULA BLUEDH19GYB£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRNEBULA BLUEDH19GYO£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRNEBULA BLUEDH19GYR£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRPURE WHITEDC19 XRL£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRPURE WHITEDC19 ZYG£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRPURE WHITEDC19 ZYL£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRPURE WHITEDF19 VUX£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRPURE WHITEDH19 ARX£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRPURE WHITEDH19 BVV£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRPURE WHITEDH19 BWG£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRDECUMA GREYDH19 BWM£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRDECUMA GREYDH19 CCV£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRDECUMA GREYDH19 CVM£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRDECUMA GREYDH19 CVP£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON 5DRDECUMA GREYDH19 CXG£16,335£12,335£4,000
YARIS ICON TECH 5DR TOKYO RED DH19GYV £17,120 £13,120 £4,000
YARIS ICON TECH 5DR TOKYO RED SOLD£17,120 £13,120 £4,000
YARIS ICON TECH 5DR TOKYO RED SOLD£17,120 £13,120 £4,000
YARIS ICON TECH 5DR TOKYO RED DH19 GZJ £17,120 £13,120 £4,000
YARIS ICON TECH 5DR TOKYO RED DH19 GZU £17,120 £13,120 £4,000
YARIS ICON TECH 5DR TOKYO RED DH19 HBU £17,120 £13,120 £4,000
YARIS ICON TECH 5DR TOKYO RED DH19 HBK £17,120 £13,120 £4,000
YARIS ICON TECH 5DR TOKYO RED DH19 DFU £17,120 £13,120 £4,000
YARIS ICON TECH 5DR TOKYO RED DH19 DGU £17,120 £13,120 £4,000
YARIS ICON TECH 5DR TOKYO RED DH19 EJU £17,120 £13,120 £4,000
YARIS ICON TECH 5DR TOKYO RED DH19 FOK £17,120 £13,120 £4,000
YARIS ICON TECH 5DR TOKYO RED DH19 GVW £17,120 £13,120 £4,000
YARIS ICON TECH 5DR TOKYO RED DH19 GXN £17,120 £13,120 £4,000
YARIS ICON TECH 5DR TOKYO RED DH19 GXU £17,120 £13,120 £4,000
YARIS ICON TECH 5DR TOKYO RED DH19 HBZ £17,120 £13,120 £4,000
YARIS ICON TECH 5DR TOKYO RED DH19 HCA £17,120 £13,120 £4,000

Terms and conditions: Offer available on selected used YARIS vehicles ordered and delivered between 01.10.2019 and 31.12.2019. Available to retail customers at participating dealers only, subject to availability. Offers stated cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, discount or privilege purchase scheme. In addition, offers can not be transferred to any recent bookings, orders or purchases. Stated offers cannot be reimbursed. There is no cash alternative to any offers stated within this page. Images and vehicles shown for illustration purposes only.

Saving is based on brand-new RRP of YARIS with the specified paint options.

* Offer available when you part-exchange a Toyota vehicle for selected (pre-registered) Yaris car delivered by the 30th October 2019. The vehicle must be subject to a physical appraisal at a Johnsons Toyota Dealership located in Liverpool, Southport and Wirral. The part exchange offer price will be £1,500 greater than the CAP blackbook online average, mileage adjusted valuation based on an appraisal of the true condition of the vehicle at Johnsons Toyota. No cash equivalent to the part exchange value is available. The offer will remain valid for seven days from the date of the valuation providing the vehicle remains in materially the same condition as set out in the appraisal. No other valuations will be accepted by Johnsons Toyota. Johnsons Toyota can withdraw the offer at any time. The part exchange vehicle log book must be in the name of the person purchasing the new vehicle. The appraisal is the true report of the condition and prior use history of the vehicle. It records all the information including but not limited to: Any interior or exterior damage, The number of previous owners, The service history, Its mileage, The MOT and how many months remain until it is next due for an MOT, The number of keys, Any mechanical issues, Whether it runs and if it has been used for private hire, driving tuition or rental car.

Images for illustration purposes only.