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Paying Car Tax is one of the most heavily lamented aspects of owning a car, but as the future gets ever closer, this could become a thing of the past. More and more cars are now becoming tax-free; low emissions cars can avoid the tax if they produce less than 50g/km of CO2.

Until April 2017, all cars that fall under this low emissions bracket are exempt from tax, though you do still need to register the car with the DVLA. This ever-growing list of cars doesn’t just include small hatchbacks either, as everything from estate cars, SUVs and even hyper-cars are found under the low emissions bracket. While this advantage will only be available until the new system comes in next year, cars bought under the current system will remain exempt from tax, so now is a good time to consider buying a new car. As new technology makes it easier for cars to fall under the 50g/km limit, a wide variety of cars are now available to suit any lifestyle.

Low emissions are also linked to high fuel economy, making tax-free cars especially appealing to those who drive longer distances to work, or for businesses looking for a company car. The benefits to businesses are also improved due to significantly lower Benefit in Kind (BIK) company car tax rates. Hybrid technology leads as the best way to get larger vehicles under the 50g/km limit, while small-capacity petrol engines offer significantly low emissions in lightweight city cars. Diesel engines are also able to make the mid-weight cars such as compact SUVs fall under the bracket, providing a selection of cars suit all tastes.

To make sure your car will be excluded from the tax, it is important to look carefully at the engine sizes and models offered by brands, as they will often have a more powerful version available that exceeds 50g/km of CO2. So while you enjoy saving yourself a few pounds, you can feel good about helping the environment too!