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New Volvo S60 Accessories

LOAD CARRIER. Specifically for transporting loads on the roof and is designed to work with any of the additional Volvo carrier accessories. £215

ROOF BOX SPORT TIME 2003. Giving an extra 400 litres of storage space, this is the must have accessory for the summer. Opening on both sides, this provides flexible loading with an aerodynamic design. £350

ROOF MOUNTED BIKE RACK. Made of aluminium, this elegant design is also very practical as it ensures that bike loading is simple with a self-adjusting quick release clasp and

REVERSIBLE CARGO MAT. A practical, waterproof and
reversible mat. Made of high quality materials with textile on one side and plastic on the other, it provides a protective layer for your cargo area.

NECK PILLOW. Volvo's neck pillow provides comfortable
support for the head thanks to its soft materials and high
mouldability. The neck pillow consists of a textile covered
visco-elastic foam that moulds to the contours of your neck.

SUNSHADES. Fully covering sunshades provides protection from the sun for your passengers. Includes the rear doors and window. (2 doors and 1 cargo area) £245

SNOW SOCKS. The perect aid for driving on snowy and icy roads. When the road suddenly becomes slippery, the sock is simply mounted on the wheel and provides increased friction on snow and ice. It takes a small amount of storage space and
can be re-used.

Tempa Spare Wheel. An integrated solution to conceal the tempa spare wheel under the floor in the luggage compartment. It creates more space, makes loading easier, whilst all the time ensuring that the spare wheel remains easily accesible. £275

PLASTIC COMPARTMENT MATS. Made of sturdy natural rubber, these fully covering passenger mats give effective protection against the car's interior of wet and dirt (set of 4). £60