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S60 Accessories

Roof Box Sport Time 2003. A functional roof box for all your needs. Assembly system fast-click with integrated step indication makes the assembly of the box extremely easy.£345

Bike Rack Towbar Mounted. A safe transport system for 2 bicycles. Easily fitted in the towing hitch with a quick-coupling and easy to load as the loading height is low. £425

Detachable Towbar. This durable and versatile towbar has been specifically designed for use with your car. It's easy to mount whenever needed and when not in use it can be removed quickly and simply. £735

Reversible luggage mat. A practical waterproof and reversible mat. Made of high quality materials with textile on one side and plastic on the other, it provides a protective layer for your cargo area. £80

Sports pedals. Create a sporty look to your interior and give prominence to the footwell area.Designed in harmony with other interior elements. £105

Park Assist Camera Front Blind View. Negotiate tight exits with ease, even when visibility is restricted. This camera allows you to 'see around corners' with a 180o field of vision in front of you. £430

Rear Seat Entertainment Multimedia System. Including two 8-inch touch screens, two DVD players, wireless headphones and connections for almost any external media, this system will entertain for hours. £1,495

Tempa Spare Wheel. An integrated solution to conceal the tempa spare wheel under the floor in the luggage compartment. It creates more space, makes loading easier, whilst all the time ensuring that the spare wheel remains easily accesible. £250

Front Illuminated sill moulding. Give the door threshold area an elegant look with tese brushed stainless steel illuminated mouldings. When the door is opened the LED's alight with the interior lighting. £295