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V40 Accessories

Roof Box Sport Time 2003. A functional roof box for all your needs. Assembly system fast-click with integrated step indication makes the assembly of the box extremely easy.£345

Bike Rack Towbar Mounted. A safe transport system for 2 bicycles. Easily fitted in the towing hitch with a quick-coupling and easy to load as the loading height is low. £425

Detachable Towbar. This durable and versatile towbar has been specifically designed for use with your car. It's easy to mount whenever needed and when not in use it can be removed quickly and simply. £735

Reversible Luggage Mat.Made of textile and plastic, it is waterproof and fits perfectly into the cargo space making messy loads easy to transport £100

Sunshades (rear doors). Giving maximum protection for your passengers from bright sunlight, these shades fit the windows exactly, giving a premium and stylish look, similar to that of tinted blinds. £85

Roof Spoiler. An aerodynamic and sporty roof spoiler, equipped with both 'aero-fins' and black-painted 'winglets' to create the optimum airflow and reduce turbulence. £230

Sports pedals. Create a sporty look to your interior and give prominence to the footwell area.Designed in harmony with other interior elements. £105

Protective Steel Grille. A practical protective grille that prevents loads or pets from being thrown forward into the passenger compartment when braking hard. £155

Polestar Performance Software.Making your Volvo even more exhilirating to drive, this Volvo-approved upgrade boosts your power and torque. £830