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XC60 Accessories

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Winter Essential Pack
Each kit comes in a stylish Volvo-branded bag and contains de-icer, ice scraper, screen wash, a thermo blanket and a high visibility jacket. £10

Snow Socks.

Made of a high-tech fibre material, snow socks provide increased friction on snow and ice and are easily mounted on the wheel. £70

Mud Flaps
These front and rear mud flaps minimise the risk of water and stone damage and are made of plastic that gives way under impact without cracking. £160

Rubber floor mats
Our floor mats are tailor-made for each Volvo model and meticulous attention has been paid to safety, durability, performance and looks. £55

Cargo/Luggage Mat
Made of textile and plastic, this waterproof and foldable load mat fits perfectly into the cargo space, making messy loads easy to transport.

Detachable Towbar
Specifically designed for your Volvo, this towbar is easy to mount for use. When
not needed, it is simply replaced with the protective cover supplied.

Dirt Bumper Cover
Easy to install, use and store, this vinyl cover protects the bumper when loading and unloading as well as preventing your clothes from getting dirty.

Load Carrier
These aerodynamic aluminium load carriers provide an easy-to-use rooftop carrying system.

Roof Bicycle Carrier
With a self-adjusting quick release clasp and holder, this aluminium roof mounted bike rack is practical and easy to use. £85

Protective Steel Grille
A practical protective steel grille that prevents loads from being thrown forwards
into the passenger compartment. £160

Towbar Bike Rack (From 2-4 bicycles)
bicycle holders are lightweight, secure and easy to use. With a foot-operated tilt system, they lock on to the towbar for security.
From £425

Dog Gate
Easy to open, close and remove from the car, this cargo compartment dog gate – when combined with the protective steel grille and load divider – keeps your pet safe when the tailgate is opened.

Load Divider
When used with the protective steel grille, this steel cargo compartment separator enables you to divide the cargo compartment in two –
ideal if you want to separate your pet from other luggage. £225

Moulded Plastic Compartment Cover
This moulded plastic load liner protects your car’s cargo compartment. The cargo box is coated with friction-increasing material to prevent loads sliding around in transit. £100

Sport Time Roof Box
This 400-litre capacity roof box is made of lightweight ABS-plastic with an aerodynamic design and can be opened from both sides making loading easy. £350