Lexus Business Offers

The exceptional build quality, reliability and slow price depreciation of Lexus’ vehicle range mean that the number of British businesses using the marque in their corporate fleets continues to grow. The attraction of the brand to companies is strengthened further by the advances made by Lexus in increasing fuel efficiency and decreasing carbon emissions. These measures will not only save you money in terms of running costs, but offer numerous tax efficiencies.

Johnsons Lexus serves business clients of all sizes and in all sectors, so will be able to help you and your company. We offer the full range of Lexus cars, from the compact CT range to the imposing RX. We also provide a variety of ways in which you can finance the purchase – or leasing – of a new Lexus. These arrangements include Hire Purchase, Contract Hire, Lease Purchase and Finance Lease. Each package is suited to a different set of requirements, meaning that your business will be able to select the most advantageous form of financing.