Bernie Kelly

Account Management Support
About Work Date Working for Johnsons

Started working for Johnsons Oct 2017 (following working for Chambers for 12 years prior, before they were bought out by Johnsons)
About Me There is a lot to love about life but the main ones in mine are covered pretty much in two of my photos…my children, the sea, dancing and vintage clothing (I've been a collector since I was 14…that's a long, long time!). The dream was always to open a little shop on the coast, selling pretty preloved frocks to folks that love them as much as me….still a dream that one!

The only thing missing is music… most definitely my longest love affair. Not much of a TV watcher but there will always be music on in my house.

Random Fact

I once shaved my very long hair bald for Edwards Trust. A charity super close to my heart, following the care and time they gave to my son when we lost his father.