Gary King

Broker Sales
about work Date started working for Johnsons: Since July 2014.

About me at Johnsons: Working out of the Johnson's Volkswagen showroom in Tamworth, I am responsible for growing local business opportunities and sales in the Staffordshire area for all 12 brands offered through Johnson's Cars.

About me before Johnsons:Before Johnsons I worked in various roles for Gardner Denver in Redditch, one of the largest manufacturers of compressors in the world.
about me A bit about me: This is my first job in sales, and my first job in the motor industry, and I’m loving every minute of it! I also have a second employment as a Firefighter at Redditch fire station. I cover 80 hours a week on call, which takes up much of my spare time as you can imagine. This has been an ambition of mine since first school though, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Outside of work I have a close group of friends who I enjoy spending my days off with, playing golf and drinking ale.

Random Fact: I can eat 20 Chicken McNuggets in 2:22.

Favourite Place: Venice, Italy