Hayley Dutton

Deliveries Team Leader
About Work Date Working for Johnsons

I started in 2011, actually on my birthday. The first time I have worked on my Birthday.

About me at Johnsons

I started my career at Johnsons in the Birmingham Volkswagen office, doing administration and some of the vehicle delivery bookings.

I moved over to the Central Fleet Office in 2013 and progressed from there.

About me before Johnsons

I left collage looking for a job in sports therapy but ended up taking a retail job while I found the right position. Sports therapy was not really paying the bills during the recession and I moved to a more stable job but continued to support a local football to keep my experience up.
About Me I love shopping, eating out and socialising with friends. Although I've never rushed to have a family, I love spending time with my niece and nephews.

Random Fact

I don't really like cars, and did not even take my driving test until I moved from the Birmingham office to Tamworth.

Favourite Place

Anywhere hot, especially if they serve cocktails.