Lauren Harrold

Broker Sales
about work Date started working for Johnsons: I started working at Johnsons Fleet in March 2018/br>
About me at Johnsons: My role is Contract Renewals. Working with our existing client renewals to ensure relationships are developed, in order to grow,maintain and maximise our client base.

About me before Johnsons: For the last 12 years I have worked as a Senior Account Manger for a Leasing Broker/ Fleet Management Company.

Telephone Number:01827 317009 #9
about me A bit about me: My weekends are busy taking my 4 year old to all his activities !I am an official shopaholic , so enjoy some retail therapy when possible. But I really enjoy socialising with my friends and family as much as I can. I love nothing better than sunday lunch and a glass of wine with good friends catching up.

Random Fact: I used to be an Air Hostess for Virgin Atlantic and actually had to serve Richard Branson.

Favourite Place: It has to be Dubai . Love the hot climate and the fantastic service you receive ... It really is pure luxury!