Rachael Sheen

Account Management Support
About Work Date Working for Johnsons

Worked for Johnsons since Jan 2019

About me at Johnsons

Employed as a full time member within the Account Management team

About me before Johnsons

My first job was in an Interior Design shop as an assistant which was really fun. My last job was a Manager at a Childs Soft play centre.
About Me I am 21 years old and i absolutely love animals especially Elephants, Dogs and Bunnies! I also love a good Netflix documentary.

Keeping fit is important to me and I have a personal trainer once a week, I like going to the gym and running on Saturday mornings at the park run.

Random Fact

I have 4 piercings and 8 tattoo’s (all hidden of course!)

Favourite Place

Thailand – Been twice and would go every year. Absolutely beautiful place!