NSX 'Total Airflow Management' Concept​, johnsons honda

NSX 'Total Airflow Management' Concept​

The modern model was designed to bring a “New Sports eXperience” to the supercar segment, announcing the ‘total airflow management’, a concept that can perform high-level of downforce, reduce drag and increase grip, balance and harmony.

Thomas Ramsay said: “In many ways, with the design of the all-new Honda NSX, you literally have form following function, so this was a really exciting vehicle to work on as an aerodynamicist. To meet the challenge of the ambitious performance targets, innovative packaging design and dramatic styling. Honda’s engineers had to totally re-imagine the exterior engineering for this modern super car. This new ‘total airflow management’ strategy supports component cooling and aerodynamic performance while also contributing to even more dynamic styling.”

The complex body shapes are a result of computational fluid dynamic simulations and testing of 40 per cent scale models in Honda’s advanced wind tunnel facility. To minimise the aerodynamic drag, create downforce, maximise cooling and efficiently dissipate unwanted heat, surfaces, intake grilles and exhaust vents are shaped and proportioned. Generating approximately three times as much downforce at the rear relative to the front of the car would provide the optimal downforce distribution for high-performance and day-to-day driving.

To stabilise the airflow down the side of the car, the vents are specifically positioned to reduce turbulence and aerodynamic loss around the front wheels that work in conjunction with front wings vents. The vents merge with the floating C-pillars to bring airflow to the signature side intakes, carrying it into the engine intake, engine bay, and turbo intercoolers.

The NSX’s exterior design also showcases highly efficient thermal management required by its hybrid powertrain. There are seven different primary heat sources – the 3.5-litre V6 engine, two turbocharges, the nine-speed Dual Clutch Transmission, the Power Distribution Unit and the two motors within the Twin Motor Unit.

All these qualities together define the New Sports eXperience.

NSX 'Total Airflow Management' Concept​, johnsons honda
NSX 'Total Airflow Management' Concept​, johnsons honda

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