My Honda App

from Johnsons in Milton Keynes, Wigan, Slough & Oxford

Find everything you need at the touch of a button with My Honda; it allows you to easily interact with your car via your smartphone. This interactive app boasts a number of features that will further enhance and personalise your driving experience and these include:

  • Roadside assistance with the contact numbers you need in an emergency built in​*
  • Impact alert, where a trained operator will assist you if you’re unfortunate enough to be involved in a collision​**
  • Vehicle health check to make sure your motor is always at its best
  • Security settings to let you know that your vehicle is safe at all times​***
  • Location settings so that you can find your car easily – even the trickiest car parks will no longer be a problem****
  • Trip analysis, so you can get the most out of your vehicle on every journey.

No matter what you are looking for, the My Honda App has got you covered; friends and family members can also be added to get everyone connected.

At Johnsons Honda, we are thrilled to bring you this exciting upgrade on a number of different models, which include: The Honda Civic – 2012 models onwards; the Honda CR-V – 2012 models onwards; the Honda Jazz – 2016 models onwards; and the Honda HR-V – 2016 models onwards. Visit your local Johnsons dealership to find out more.

The innovative app is currently only compatible with Apple iOS and Android phones and is subject to adequate phone/GPS signal when in use.

Roadside assistance

*Terms and conditions apply. Roadside assistance is dependent upon cellphone/ GPS signal and your vehicle being within its 3 year manufacturer’s warranty period. This additional service will be introduced within 2017.

Impact alert

**Subject to the app running, adequate cellphone/GPS signal and the My Honda hardware remaining intact post-impact.

Security settings

***App must be permitted to run in background and push notifications enabled.

Find your car and share your location

****Location services are subject to adequate cellphone/GPS signal.