Honda Business Offers

Honda cars enjoy a reputation for excellent reliability and low environmental impact, complemented by style, power and driveability. As such, they make ideal vehicles for business users, not least because of the outstanding offers we provide corporate customers at Johnsons Honda in partnership with Honda Finance.

Whether you’re a business owner operating a single vehicle or a fleet buyer for a large company, the array of hire purchase, contract hire, lease purchase and finance lease agreements we have available are sure to meet the needs of your business.

Each of our dealerships in Slough, Oxford, Milton Keynes and Beaconsfield have trained corporate vehicle finance specialists who will be delighted to answer any questions you may have about our fleet packages. They will give you all the advice and guidance you require on issues such as tax efficiencies, servicing and roadside assistance.

Contact us today to discover how choosing Honda could keep your business a step ahead of its rivals.