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A Lesson in Aerodynamics FIND OUT MORE
Honda Civic Type-R rear

A Lesson in Aerodynamics​

The Type R’s assertive appearance isn’t just for head-turning appeal – it makes it much more aerodynamic. All the chiselled edges are designed to slice through the air for a swift performance. As soon as your eyes land on the Type R, it’s impossible to miss its huge rear spoiler that’s main purpose is to curtail drag. Look closer and you’ll notice extra features such as the air vents in the bonnet and air intakes above the front wheels that stream cool air through the car. At the back sits a number of small fins, again used to draw air away from the car for minimal drag.

Honda Civic Type-R dashboard

Switch it Up​

Three driving modes give you complete control over how you want your Type R to be. Stay in Comfort for a smooth drive that’s friendlier on the environment. Lazy days cruising along the motorway call for this driving mode. Switch over to Sport when you hit country lanes. Tightened steering and a sharper throttle response make you more connected to the performance and road. Flip overt to the R+ to feel the full force of its fine-tuned powertrain. Press your foot on the accelerator and the potent power lets out an intense, deep roar through the triple exhaust system. Stay in R+ for a stiffer performance that connects you directly to the road. The steering in this mode will make you work harder, but you’ll get so much back.

Power at Its Heart FIND OUT MORE
Honda Civic Type-R rear

Power at Its Heart​

Under the bonnet sits a 2.0-litre VTEC Turbo engine that puts out a hair-raising 315bhp and 400Nm of torque. This huge power surge propels the Type R forward, giving it race-track speed and acceleration. Enjoy the thrill whether you’re on the motorway or putting the car through its paces on the racetrack. With a digital display behind the steering wheel, you’ll see the result of the accelerating engine with rising speed and power before your eyes – just in case you couldn’t feel the force of a car sprinting from 0-60mph in less than six seconds.

A Racing Spirit

Racing Styling

The big ‘R’ in the name is a giveaway of its racing personality. Inspired by the racetrack, it’s designed with aggressively sporty accents. The low-slung position makes it instantly formidable and deserving of a place on the road. Contours and chisels embody the exterior from the overhanging bumper and side skirts to the gaping front air intakes. Flashes of red against black highlight the toothed shapes, which is mirrored in the black alloy wheels with red Brembo brakes. Deep creases along the bonnet focus your attention down the nose to the sweeping grille. The headlights provide soft relief thanks to their sleek shape. Minute glass sculptures reflect the LED lights for sharp visibility and an arresting look. There’s also a pair of bright fog lights sculpted into the front air intakes. Cast your eyes to the rear and you’ll notice a triple exhaust system, giving it a unique tail that’s instantly recognisable for drivers behind.

Honda Civic Type-R Rear

Take your Seat

Open the door and you won’t be disappointed by the sportiness inside. Once again racetrack inspired, you can sink into high-backed racing seats. Positioned low down, you’ll instantly feel engaged with the road. Bright red accents and sculpting continues as if an extension from the exterior, but inside it’s much softer for your comfort. Plus there’s two-zone climate control to ensure you’re always kept at your ideal temperature.

Honda Civic Type-R Steering Wheel

Connected from the Start

Take your seat behind the wheel and you don’t have to disconnect from the outside world if you don’t want to. A wireless charging point means your phone won’t ever be out of juice again. Leave it here while you make a call handsfree, even when driving. Tap on the touchscreen to use the apps or to place your choice of music. With built-in Garmin satellite navigation, you can find the quickest or most scenic route and then enjoy the drive without any hassle.

Honda Civic Type-R Dashboard

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