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Car finance from Johnsons

One of the most popular ways to purchase a new car is to buy it on finance. The Johnsons Cars team can support you in finding a finance plan that makes sense. We bring you both a wide range of options and unrivalled customer service.

Which type of car finance should I choose?

There are several types of car finance, including Personal Contract Purchase, Personal Contract Hire, Personal Loans and Hire Purchase.

Making the right choice will depend on whether you want to eventually own the vehicle or simply lease it for a few years.

More details on every kind of car finance can be found online, giving you more time to find the right choice.


Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

This plan is one of the most flexible, giving you the option to own the car or hand it back at the end. Find out more about Personal Contract Purchase now.

Personal Contract Hire (PCH)

A form of leasing, Personal Contract Hire enables you to use a vehicle for a set time and then switch to another model. You can read more here on our website.

Personal Loans

Taking out a loan is a common method for our customers considering buying a car on finance. You could apply for the loan from your bank or building society. Weigh up your options before deciding on a Personal Loan.

Hire Purchase

Pay for a car in instalments using a Hire Purchase agreement. You hire the vehicle for the length of the plan and take ownership at the end. Find out how Hire Purchase could benefit you.


Johnsons represents Toyota, Hyundai, Fiat, Honda, Volkswagen and many other car manufacturers. Please see our individual pages, which can be found below, on each of these finance options for more detailed information. We've also included some helpful videos which can help explain these further. To find out more about any of these car financing options, please contact your closest Johnsons Cars dealership. Our finance experts are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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