2023 Gender Pay & Bonus reporting Johnsons Cars Limited

Statistics for staff employed at 5th April 2023

Johnsons Cars Limited is an equal opportunities employer and fully understands that equal pay between genders is a moral obligation as well as complying with the Equality Act 2010. Johnsons Cars Limited recognise the benefits of equality, diversity and inclusion and are committed to preventing any discrimination including that relating to pay and remuneration. As an employer of more than 250 employees in the UK the gender pay gap is reported and published each year.  


Historically, the automotive industry has not had a balanced gender population although this is changing the balance is still heavily male-orientated. Whilst positive steps are being taken to attract and retain a more gender-balanced workforce there is an uneven split between men and women. At the snapshot date of 5th April 2023 75.56% of employees were men, 24.44% were women.  

The total number of employees increased by 94 from 6th April 2022 to 5th April 2023, the population of female employees has increased by 29 over the 2022 figure, whilst the number of male employees has increased by 65. The automotive industry is also heavily dependent on bonuses forming part of employees’ remuneration with 57% of the total workforce receiving bonus payments, down 19% from last year. 

Johnsons Cars employed 1395 relevant employees at 5th April 2023, 1243 of those were relevant full-pay employees.  


A Pay Gap is the difference in average pay between two groups within a workforce. The pay gap report looks at the average hourly pay and Bonus pay of men and the average hourly pay and Bonus pay of women and does not consider any differences in the roles undertaken.  

Whilst gender pay gap and equal pay reporting have the same objectives in terms of preventing discrimination relating to pay between genders it is important to recognise they are not the same.  

  • Equal pay relates to Male and Female employees being paid equally for the same role or similar types of work known as work of equal value.
  • The information given in this report concerns the Pay Gap between Male and Female employees within the workforce regardless of role.

    Mean Gender Pay Gap

    1.56% (22.3% in 2022)

    Median Gender Pay Gap

    18% (19% in 2022)

    Johnsons Cars Ltd: Date at 05.04.2023

    The mean gender pay gap (based on the average hourly rate of pay) indicates that men, on average, are paid 15.6% more than women. The median gender pay gap (based on the middle number of a group based on the hourly rate of pay) indicates that males are paid 18% more than females. The inference on these statistics shows that the average gender pay gap (mean) has decreased over last year, this has been impacted by a number of initiatives and changes to the way we pay and reward our employees.

    The results below are all based on the whole workforce of 1395 relevant employees as of the Snapshot date – 5th April 2023. 

    Mean Bonus Gender Pay Gap 

    12.3% (17.8% in 2022) 

    Median Bonus Gender Pay Gap 

    16.8% (11.0% in 2022) 

    Proportion of Females receiving Bonus Payments 

    42.5% (57.8% in 2022) 

    Proportion of Males receiving Bonus Payments 

    61.5% (62.4% in 2022) 

    Johnsons Cars operate performance related bonus schemes and consequently the bonus pay figures confirm that more than half of all employees (57% of all relevant employees) received a bonus during 2022/2023. Male employees who earn bonuses receive an average of 12.3% more than their female colleagues, a decrease of 5.5 percentage points over last year, whilst the median pay gap is 16.8% showing that male employees earned 11% more in bonus at the midpoint than female employees, this is a increase of 5.8 percentage point. 

    The number of employees receiving bonus in the 12 months to 5th April 2023 fell by 19% vs the prior reporting period. 


    This information is based on the full pay relevant employees of which there were 1243 in this category (out of a total workforce of 1395) as of the snapshot on 5th April 2023.  

    The below table sets out the percentage of male and female employees in each pay quartile. The pay quartiles are based on the total hourly pay of the full pay relevant employees during the pay period of April 2022.  

    Upper Quartile  

    Upper Middle Quartile 

    Lower Middle Quartile 

    Lower Quartile 


















    Johnsons Cars undertake regular remuneration reviews and apply consistent role-based remuneration schemes.

    In March of 2022 Johnsons Cars joined the Automotive 30% club with the objective to work as part of this cohort of automotive dealers to address the gender balance without the automotive retail sector we have continued to work with the Automotive 30% club on initiatives to increase female representation in several key management and leadership roles.

    With low staff turnover in Senior Leadership roles impacting the speed in which promotion or appointment of female employees into senior roles could take place the group committed to focus to improving the attraction, retention and development of our people and have done so with the implementation of pipeline development programs, the roll out of many new benefits and reduction in working hours across many dealership roles.

    Data relating to gender balance is circulated at senior management level, participation in management and leadership programmes is nominated by the leadership team rather than by self-selection, and we have continued to highlight the successes of female role models within the business both internally and externally.

    Exit interview data is shared to identify barriers and areas to address to improve the retention of our people and identify any differences in feedback between male and female employees.