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Gender Pay & Bonus reporting statistics for staff employed at 5th April 2021

Johnsons Cars Ltd employed 1056 “relevant employees” at the snapshot date (5th April 2021) of which 739 were “full-pay relevant employees”.


At the snapshot date, 74% of employees were men, 26% were women. The number of female employees has increased by 2.2% over the 2019 figure, whilst the number of male employees has increased by 5.8%. The automotive industry is also heavily dependent on bonuses forming part of employees remuneration with 76.8% of the total workforce receiving bonus payments.


A Pay Gap is the difference in average pay between two groups within a workforce. It is not to be confused with equal pay which is concerned with individuals being paid equally for the same or similar types of work. Johnsons Cars is an equal opportunities employer and fully understands that equal pay between males and females is a moral obligation as well as complying with the Equality Act 2010. We undertake annual pay reviews and take any appropriate action to address any inequality should it be highlighted. The information given below concerns the Pay Gap between males and females within the workforce of Johnsons Cars Ltd based on the Full Pay Relevant Employees – of which there were only 739 at the snapshot of 5th April 2021.


Mean Gender Pay Gap

14.6% (14.3% in 2019)

Median Gender Pay Gap

7.1% (9.9% in 2019)

Johnsons Cars Ltd: Date at 05.04.2021

The mean gender pay gap (based on the average hourly rate of pay) indicates that the men’s average hourly rate of pay is 14.6% more than the women’s average hourly rate of pay. The median gender pay gap (based on the middle number of a group based on the hourly rate of pay) indicates that the males median is 7.1% higher than the females median result.

The inference on these statistics shows that the average gender pay gap (mean) has increased slightly over 2019 (2020 results were not a good comparison as only 38 employees were full-pay relevant employees whilst 1157 employees were furloughed), but the difference between the middle numbers (the median) has decreased significantly.

The results below are all based on the whole workforce of 1056 relevant employees as of the date of the snapshot – 5th April 2021.

Mean Bonus Gender Pay Gap

42.7% (10.4% in 2020)

Median Bonus Gender Pay Gap

11.9% (15.9% in 2020)

Proportion of Females receiving Bonus Payments

57.2% (54.4% in 2020)

Proportion of Males receiving Bonus Payments

83.8% (79.2% in 2020)

Johnsons Cars Ltd: Date at 05.04.2021

Johnsons Cars operates performance related bonus schemes and consequently the bonus pay figures confirm that over three quarters of all relevant employees received a bonus during 2020/2021.


This information is based on the full pay relevant employees of which there were 739 in this category (out of a total workforce of 1056) as of the snapshot on 5 th April 2021.