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Johnsons Mazda Motability offers

Mazda's forward-thinking range of passenger cars is ideally suited to members of the Motability Scheme as each is comfortable, spacious and reliable. We want everyone who is supported by the scheme to have access to the widest choice possible, and we deliver a selection of Motability offers to make this happen.

Among these exclusive deals is the all-new Mazda2, Mazda3 and Mazda6. They are packed full of innovative in-car equipment to make each journey convenient and enjoyable.

Any model in the line-up is therefore likely to satisfy, but our Motability offers help your budget to reach the car that is ideal for your individual requirements. Zero advance payment with select deals enables you to avoid paying a lump sum, while fixed monthly costs are much easier to manage.

The Motability specialists employed at Johnsons Mazda will explain these benefits and all others when you enquire with your local dealership. Explore the Motability offers below for an introduction to them all before contacting a Johnsons Mazda adviser directly.

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