Meet our Motability Specialists

Johnsons Abarth, Alfa Romeo & Fiat

Dean Jellicoe –Motability Specialist

Abarth, Alfa Romeo & Fiat Solihull

I have been within the motor trade since 2003 and with Johnsons since 2012, I really enjoy my role as a Sales Executive and as the Alfa Romeo 4C Specialist.

I take great pleasure in getting to meet a variety of different customers, helping them to find the best deal or even better, that “dream” car. I find my role as a Motability specialist very rewarding, helping people choose a car to enable them greater freedom.

Mark Stansfield - Motability specialist

Abarth, Alfa Romeo & Fiat Solihull

I have worked as a sales executive for nearly ten years and with Johnsons since 2012.

I really enjoy meeting new people and helping choose their new car . I feel in my role as a motability specialist that it is very important to make my customers feel at ease and the whole process as enjoyable as possible. It is very rewarding to see customers smile when collecting their new cars.

Johnsons Hyundai Motability

James Grant - Motability Specialist

Hyundai Slough

I've been working for Johnsons Hyundai now since 1st June, when our new dealership opened. All together I've been selling cars for nearly 4 years and been accredited on Motability for a year and a bit. I have a good range of knowledge not only for the brand but for how Motability works, especially for the customer and their needs. I enjoy new challenges and always prepared to go the extra mile. But that's just me, can't wait to meet and help you with your Motability needs.

Roger Bailey - Motability Specialist

Hyundai Oxford

After 17 years in the motor industry I believe I know a little about what my customers want, like and expect from their new car.

Prior to car sales I served for 23 years in the army so I especially enjoy dealing with ex forces people both young and old, so come on in for a brew and natter anytime.​

Scott Rouse - Motability Specialist

Hyundai Coventry

Scott has been in the Automotive industry since 1988 and has been a valued member of the team at Hyundai Coventry since 2017. He puts the customer first in everything he does, and one of his previous roles was as a dedicated Motability Specialist. You know you’re in safe hands when dealing with Scott. Hyundai People Serving Hyundai People!

Marc Hirst - Motability Specialist

Hyundai Coventry

Marc has been in the Automotive industry since 2007 and has been a valued member of the team at Hyundai Coventry since 2017. He puts the customer first in everything he does, and one of his previous roles was as a dedicated Motability Specialist. You know you’re in safe hands when dealing with Marc. Hyundai People Serving Hyundai People!


Dale Butler - Motability Specialist

Hyundai Coventry

Dale has been in the Automotive industry since 2017 and has been a valued member of the team at Hyundai Coventry since 2017. He puts the customer first in everything he does, and one of his previous roles was as a dedicated Motability Specialist. You know you’re in safe hands when dealing with Dale. Hyundai People Serving Hyundai People!

Joe Fearon ​- Motability Specialist

Hyundai Liverpool

​I've been with Johnsons Hyundai Liverpool since the dealership opened in 2013. I've been working in the motor trade for 30 years. Joe Fearon is Johnsons cars number 1 sales executive in the whole group.

Johnsons Mazda Motability

Tim Mcintyre - Motability Specialist

Mazda Swindon

Tim Mcintyre has been with us for over 2 years. He has over 25 years' experience in delivering excellent customer satisfaction. Tim is our Motability specialist and has many returning satisfied customers. He is known for making everyone feel welcome and understands what our customers require. His knowledge on assisting customers on purchasing their new car on Motabilty scheme is second to none.

Johnsons SEAT Motability

Lee Grayson - Motability Specialist

SEAT Liverpool

I have been with Johnsons SEAT Liverpool for 3 years.
I am passionate about my job and about delivering great customer service.
The opportunity to meet customers, put them at ease and help them through the process of choosing their new car is very rewarding.
Having my customers come back to me and order their next car is even more so.

Brian Garvey - Motability Specialist

SEAT Liverpool

I have been with Johnsons Cars for 8 years now and have an excellent knowledge of all things Motability.

At Johnsons SEAT Liverpool we have a fantastic range of cars on the scheme to suit all needs.

I’m happy to help in any way I can, If you’re unsure of your next step or simply want to come in and have a chat.

Luke Melling - Motability Specialist

SEAT Preston

I have now worked within the motor trade since 2012 and with Johnsons since 2016. I'm very fortunate to be working for SEAT as a sales executive as I believe it's the most rewarding brand to be working for at this present moment.

It gives me the opportunity to meet some great customers who are on the search for their perfect car and with such a fantastic brand surrounding us we can usually do just that. Working as a Motability specialist is a fantastic role and I'm privileged to help find the right car for the right customer enabling them a better freedom.

Dominic Wilson - Motability Specialist

SEAT Preston

I have been in the Motor Trade for 4 years now and I am proud to be an Accredited Motability Specialist for Johnsons SEAT.

My role gives me the opportunity to meet some great people, listen to their needs and help them make an informed choice for their next vehicle.

If you are unsure about anything Motability, I will listen and be able to help.

Matt Jones - ​Motability Specialist

SEAT Wirral

Iwan Davies - Motability Specialist

SEAT Wirral

Johnsons ŠKODA Motability

Loriano Silva - Motability Specialist

ŠKODA Birmingham

I have been working for Johnsons Skoda Birmingham for 3 years. I have been Motability accredited for over 2 years which means I am able to meet all of my customer’s needs and understand that every case is different which will help me find your “Dream Car”. I am a warm, confident and knowledgeable Motability Specialist who will be able to answer any questions you might have. I thrive in a busy environment and meeting lots of different people every day makes my job really interesting and fun.

Johnsons Toyota Motability

Anthony Inman - Motability Specialist

Toyota Liverpool

Anthony joins us having originally started with Toyota in 2017, he brings a wealth of knowledge and a great customer first attitude to the team, looking after New, Approved Used, Motability and Business Customers

Chris O-Reily - Motability Specialist

Toyota Liverpool

Chris joined us in 2017 after spending over 10 years working in the mobile phone industry, he brings a great character to the team and is looking forward to helping lots of people in the search for there next Toyota.

Lewis Standley​ - Trainee Retail and Motability Sales Advisor

Lewis has joined us in late 2020 to begin his career in the Motor Sector, he brings enthusiasm and excitement about his new role as we look forward to him developing over the next few years.

Mitchell Hilliard - Retail and Motability Customer Advisor

Mitchell has been with Johnsons since 2019 allowing for a brief spell away, he brings a great enthusiasm to everything he does and is a valued member of our team, looking after all elements of New, Used LCV and Motability customers.


Graham Davies - Motability Specialist

Toyota Wirral

Graham Davies has been at the Wirral for 14 years and enjoys the real personal approach with all his customers and prides himself on the number of customers that return to him for their new car.

Rez Syed - Motability Specialist

Toyota Wirral

Gary King - Motability Specialist

Toyota Southport

Gary has been with Johnsons Toyota Southport since 2008. Gary has been providing people with Motability cars for over 20 years and prides himself on customer satisfaction and this shows with many of his customers returning time and time again.

David Heath- Motability Specialist

Toyota Southport


joined the team during 2017 and brings experience, a smile and

knowledge to assist you in choosing the best New or Approved Used Toyota

to enjoy.

Johnsons Volkswagen Motability

Rob Meehan – Motability Specialist

Volkswagen Birmingham

Anthony Tolley - Motability Specialist

Volkswagen Solihull

Matt Beavan - Motability Manager

Volkswagen Sutton Coldfield

I've been with Johnsons Volkswagen as an accredited Motability Specialist and New and Used car Sales Executive for 13 years. I enjoy my role as a Motability specialist as it gives me chance to assist our valued customers choosing their new vehicle, which will meet their needs and enhance their day to day lives over the next 3 years. My aim is to always make sure my customers are extremely satisfied making the whole process as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.


Martin Ray - Motability Specialist

Volkswagen Tamworth

Mark Coull - Motability Specialist

Volkswagen Liverpool

Richard Hollis - Motability Specialist

Volkswagen Liverpool

Steve Williams - Motability Manager

Volkswagen Liverpool

Jon Madden - Motability Specialist

Volkswagen Stafford

Simon Fisher - Motability Specialist

Volkswagen Stafford

Arfan Mirza - Motability Specialist

Volkswagen Stafford

Paul Dingsdale - Motability Specialist

Volkswagen Warrington

Tony Crook - Motability Specialist

Volkswagen Warrington

Ian Newton - Motability Specialist

Volkswagen Stoke-on-Trent

Stephen Bowers - Motability Specialist

Volkswagen Stoke-on-Trent

Johnsons Volvo Motability

Ross Burgess - Motability Specialist

Volvo Gloucester

Having started my working career early, I am trying hard to forge a name in the Motor Trade as the go-to guy for a great deal! Although still young, I am a very capable and trustworthy salesman who will always enjoy a good chat as well as making sure you leave pleased with your decision.

Lynn Cook - Motability Specialist

Volvo Solihull

I joined the motor trade 30 years ago, with Volvo, and apart from a year out selling houses have always been with Volvo Brand. I love the brand and believe in it and have 3 Volvos on my drive at home to prove it!! I pride myself on customer service and enjoy my job My favourite current Volvo model would be the XC60. However I do have a soft spot for the Volvo C70 convertible, a real classic.

Des Wright - Motability Specialist

Volvo Solihull

I have spent 35 years in in the motor trade and 16 with Volvo. I love the Volvo Xc90. It sets the scene for the rest of the range. The S60 Polestar is a real favourite of mine.

James Jackson - Motability Specialist

Volvo Solihull

I've been in the motor trade now for around 5 years but I have been in sales all my life. All the way back to negotiating with Santa. I am very much a family man hence why I joined the Volvo brand around 2 years ago. The safety technology the brand come up with is fantastic. My favourite Volvo has to be the new S60. A beautiful looking car with plenty of charisma.

Penny Bell - Motability Specialist

Volvo Solihull

I have been working at Johnsons for 10 years now and in the motor trade for 27 yearsBy far the best brand I have worked with is the Volvo as they are the safest most comfortable car and are great looking now.In my spare time I like training my 2 dogs a Springer spaniel who is 2 called Elsa and a Cocker spaniel who need is 8 Months called Darcie and they need lots of exercise.My favourite car in the range is the XC40 as this is my perfect size car.

Mark Collinson - Motability Specialist

Volvo Solihull

I have spent over 20 years in the motor trade, 15 of which has been with Volvo. The quality of the Volvo product is in my opinion is outstanding. My favourite Volvo is from the current range and is the Volvo S60