Electric Servicing

Service Levels at a glance

Comprehensive aftercare solutions

    Interim Service We carry out essential checks and maintenance tasks on your electric vehicle.
    Full Service Treat your electric car to a full service with our exhaustive inspection and maintenance programme.
    Manufacturer Service Our manufacturer-trained technicians use the latest servicing techniques and leading-edge diagnostic and repair technology – and all parts and labour are fully warranted.

    Used Electric Vehicles

    Here at Johnsons Cars, we stock plenty of high-quality used vehicles, incorporating electrified models, you can browse these below.


    Please view our frequently asked questions below.

    Is a service on an electric vehicle different to a service on a petrol or diesel vehicle?


    ​One of the many benefits of an EV is that its powertrain features fewer working parts than an internal combustion engine. This means it's less likely to go wrong and is therefore easier to service. Other than that, servicing requirements are very similar.

    What is included in a service for an electric vehicle?


    Electric vehicles are typically easier to service than regular cars. This is mainly because an electric powertrain isn’t as complicated as an internal combustion engine (electric motors and batteries require little maintenance). In most other respects, the servicing schedule is the same and includes oil and coolant top ups/changes, occasional brake pad replacements, tyre checks/replacements and suspension inspections.

    How long does it take to service an electric vehicle?


    Depending on the type of service, no more than three hours.

    When should I service my electric vehicle?


    On average, every 12 months (or 10,000 miles). Please refer to your car’s handbook for details – or contact us if you can’t find the relevant information.

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