Fortron Eco Logic

In recent months, diesel cars in particular have been under fire for their contribution to air pollution. Emissions in the UK now account for 40,000 early deaths each year and have been linked to cancer, asthma and even heart disease.

In controlled tests, Fortron’s Eco Logic Emissions Service reduced NOx emissions by up to 59%.

Our treatments are designed to effectively clean your vehicle’s fuel system and protect engine components. After application, vehicles benefit from emission reduction and extended engine performance.

Performing an Eco Logic treatment as part of your routine service takes no additional time and will leave a legacy that lasts a lifetime. Our new service guarantees a reduction in harmful emissions, helping to protect your environment and save you money on fuel.

MOT Guarantee

When this service is purchased, you will be entitled to the Fortron MOT Guarantee. Following your Eco Logic Emissions Service, if your vehicle fails an MOT test on emissions within 12 months of your service, we will refund the MOT cost in full.

How to claim:MOT must be undertaken at a Johnsons dealership. All other repairs (if required) will be chargeable. To claim any refund please contact us. If your claim is successful, we will then ask you to provide the bank account details you wish the monies to be refunded to. The maximum claim amount is the amount charged for the MOT which is detailed here you will be refunded the charge for your MOT up to the maximum amount.