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Defence Discount Service & Blue Light Card Programme

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Defence Discount Service & Blue Light Card Programme

Available at Johnsons Honda in Milton Keynes, Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire

At Johnsons Honda, we support the Defence Discount and Blue Light Card Programme, which means that if you are serving or retired member of the Ministry of Defence, or if you hold a Blue Light Card then you are entitled to significant savings on new Honda vehicles from our dealerships in Oxford, Milton Keynes, Slough and Beaconsfield.

This is our way of showing our appreciation for all that you do to protect our people and our country, making it a safer and happier place to live.

If you’re in the Army, Navy or RAF or if you’re a Police Officer, Paramedic, Fire Fighter or NHS Medical Staff, you could be entitled to the DDS and Blue Light Card Scheme, so get in touch with Johnsons Honda today to find out more and to book a test drive in the model of your choice.


Am I eligible?

To meet eligibility requirements for the Defence Discount Service, you must be one of the following:

  • Serving Military personnel – Tri-Services (Army, Royal Navy and RAF)
  • MOD Employees – Those working for and paid by the MOD itself.
  • Tri-Service and MOD Veterans – Those having served their Queen and Country
  • DDS Card holders – Members of the Defence Discount Service
  • Reservists – Tri-Service reservists, or cadet forces
  • RNLI Volunteers – (RNLI members are eligible for a DDS Card)

To meet eligibility requirements for the Blue Light Card, you must be one of the following:

  • Serving or Retired Police Officer
  • Serving or Retired Fire Fighter
  • Serving or Retired Paramedic
  • NHS-Registered Doctor or Nurse
  • Serving or Retired Prison Officer
  • Serving Community Support Officer

How much could I save on a Honda vehicle from Johnsons?

As a thank you for what you do for our country, you could save a substantial amount on a wide selection of new Honda vehicles from Johnsons:

​Contact your local Johnsons Honda Fleet Specialists​

Johnsons Honda Beaconsfield

Ray Harrison - General Manager

08451 649 516


Johnsons Honda Oxford

Ken Joines - General Manager

08451 649 536



Johnsons Honda Milton Keynes

Mark Dobson - General Manager

​08451 649 599


Johnsons Honda Slough

Paul White- General Manager

08451 649 546