About your SEAT Service

When it comes to aftersales, we know a lot of garages like to use smoke and mirrors to confuse and take advantage of customers. At Johnsons SEAT, we like to make it as clear and transparent as possible. That’s why we offer simple and easy to understand fixed price servicing, try to explain the work that we will carry out, as well as providing a clear record of the work we have carried out after you’ve come to visit us. We do this, so you have all the information you need to make decisions about your car. As the saying goes, ‘honesty is the best policy’.

Our service advisors will always be happy to take the time to talk to customers and answer any of the questions you may have. One of the most common things we’re asked is “what does a service actually include?” so we’ve put this helpful table together so you can clearly see the main points.

What does my SEAT Service include?

A SEAT Service offers the best level of maintenance for your SEAT. All of our technicians are SEAT trained meaning they are best placed to be taking care of you vehicle. We also only use genuine SEAT parts which come with a 2 year warranty and keeps your vehicle to manufacturer specification.

We don’t just take care of your car, we also take care of you. The option for us to collect and deliver your car is available as is the choice of a courtesy and loan car^. Finally, when you get your car back, it will come with a video report as well as a complimentary wash and vacuum so your car not only looks like it’s been looked after, you can see it has been.

1st year
or first 10,000 miles
2nd year
or first 20,000 miles
Minor Service - years 3-15
(every 12 months/10,000 miles)
Major Service - years 3-15
(every 24 months/20,000 miles)
Car serviced to SEAT UK's recommendations
(includes Warranty requirements for years 1 and 2)
Premium synthetic oil change
Change oil filter
Change fuel filter (diesel engines where required)
Comprehensive vehicle inspection and report
Check and top up screenwash and antifreeze
Check for outstanding vehicle safety, software and product enhancements from SEAT's database
Vehicle fault memory check and report
Air filter replacement (where required)
Pollen filter replacement (where required)
Check suspension system
Check and adjust tension of drive belts
Full inspection of braking system
Replace spark plugs (petrol engines)
Check heating/air conditioning operation
Reset service interval display
Vehicle road test
SEAT stamp in service book
Courtesy wash and vacuum

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Terms and Conditions: This page is information only and specific vehicles may have specific servicing requirements. All prices (where applicable) inclusive of parts, oil, labour and VAT and come with two year parts warranty (excludes wear and tear items), cambelt kit comes with a five year warranty.