Toyota Auris review​

The new Toyota Auris is a solid choice for families who want agility, space and efficiency without paying a fortune. Toyota has an excellent reputation for producing reliable, practical cars and the family hatchback Auris ticks all of these boxes.

The first place that many journeys will start will be the boot - which makes it a perfect place to begin this review. It is impressively large for a compact car of this nature, giving you 350 litres of space. You can increase this to 1,200 litres by lowering the back seats when you need to move bulky items.

In terms of equipment, the interior has a seven-inch touchscreen as well as a 4.2-inch display that sits between the rev counter and speedometer. This clever positioning means the driver never has to remove focus from the road ahead.

Opting for the 1.2-litre engine will give you 114bhp to play with, which gets you from 0-60mph in around 10.1 seconds, before hitting a top speed of 124mph. It’s the economy that is the most impressive aspect of the Auris, with up to 58.9mpg possible as well as CO2 emissions of just 112g/km.

All things considered, the Toyota Auris should be at the top of any shortlist when it comes to choosing a car that delivers on many levels. Families will be rewarded by the excellent interior space, while first-time buyers and learners will find the set-up easy to use and stress-free.

You can find out more about the new Toyota Auris by contacting Johnsons Toyota today and booking a test drive.

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