The Toyota C-HR is a truly modern family car​

Following a recent article, Mother & Baby Magazine have declared the C-HR to be a truly modern family car.

Jane McGuire, writing for the publication, stated: “I always feel that becoming a parent means making practical decisions – say goodbye to your favourite handbag and hello to the nappy bag; au revoir sports car, and hello family wheels – until now.

The Toyota C-HR looks and feels more like a sports car than you’d expect, with its bold swooping roofline, hidden back door handles and bright interior trimming. A modern family car that will keep your kids safe, whilst being fun to drive – what more could you want?”

This positive feedback is another highlight for the SUV hybrid crossover, showcasing its excellent versatility to adapt to all situations – from the daily commute in and out of the city to the school run or even a family getaway, the C-HR has proven itself an appropriate partner.

McGuire carried on to say: “The Japanese manufacturer described this car as a ‘game-changer’ and, in my opinion, they are not wrong. The hybrid model provides outstanding value for money when it comes to the running costs, offering 74.3mpg on 17-inch wheels and 72.4mg on the larger 18-inch wheels.”

With the power, performance, comfort and style boxes ticked, passengers in the C-HR are truly able to sit back and enjoy every journey, even the ones that once could have been deemed stressful.

If you would like to find out more about the Toyota C-HR, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your local Johnsons Toyota showroom to take this model for a test drive.