Toyota lines up new sports and Fuell Cell concepts for the Tokyo Motor Show

Toyota presented new concepts and models that represent their vision of future mobility at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The Toyota S-FR is a new concepts that combines simplicity and compact design. The bodyweight is incredibly light and the engine/rear-wheel drive drivetrain creates a real sense of connection between driver and car. The design has a sporty look and the rounded bodywork contributes to the model’s pleasant appeal. The engine has independent suspension and a six-speed manual transmission that makes the acceleration smooth and the driving a great experience.

toyota s-fr exterior
toyota fcv plus exterior

The FCV Plus concept model has its own hydrogen fuel tank but can also generate electricity from hydrogen stored outside the vehicle. This versatility reflects Toyota’s vision of sustainable society where hydrogen energy is in widespread use. When the model is not used for transport, it can share its power generation capabilities with communities as part of the local infrastructure. The cell stack is located between the front wheels, while the hydrogen tank is behind the rear seat, giving the interior a lot space for a compact vehicle body.

The KIKAI concept model has a very unique design, where the fuel tank, exhaust and switchgear are part of the exterior. Through a small window, that can be found at the driver’s feet, you can see the tyres, suspension and road surface. The driver’s seat is centered and 2 other seats can be found in the back. This design along with the side window makes the interior very enjoyable.

toyota kikai concept