toyota kikai interior front

​Toyota KIKAI​

The Toyota KIKAI made its world debut at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show and it’s been designed to explore the fundamental appeal of machines. The bodywork of the mid-engined concept has been kept to a bare minimum, simply closing the structural core of a central, three-seater cabin. Housed within exposed aluminium sub-frame members, all other components are uncovered; the vehicle inner workings become part of the exterior.

The radiator, steering system, brakes and cast aluminium front suspension members are all on display, the Toyota’s full hybrid powertrain technology can be clearly seen in the back and the latter includes an electric water pump, a low-friction distribution chain, an intake manifold made of a composite material and a compact exhaust manifold.

The sliding doors open to a three-seat cabin layout with a central driver’s seat, placing him at the heart of the car. The seating layout is triangular and creates a welcoming on-board communication space. Small windows can be found by the driver’s feet, offering a unique view of tyre and suspension movement.

KIKAI encourages customers to admire the beauty of automotive mechanical engineering.

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toyota kikai exterior front
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