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Toyota Mirai wins Technology Award at the 2016 What Car? Awards​

The Toyota Mirai received at the 2016 What Car? Awards the Technology Award and is claimed to be the first hydrogen fuel cell saloon holds the key to the future of sustainable motoring. Meaning ‘future’ the Japanese language, the Mirai has the capability to mix oxygen with hydrogen to generate electricity, which in turn powers a motor connected to the front wheels.

The model is available in only one trim, the exterior design is stylish and the interior is pure high-quality. Premium features including touchscreen nav, heated rear seats, automatic emergency braking and blind spot monitoring as standard. With double-glazing on the side windows and a noise-reducing device that helps to cancel tyre roar, the Mirai isolates its occupants from wind and road noise well. The long wheelbase provides plenty of room leg room in the rear seats, while boot space is only 361 litres with the battery and second hydrogen fuel tank behind the rear seat backs.

Mirai is the start of a new era of zero emissions and has the potential to bring real change and help the world meet critical environmental challenges. The UK is among Toyota’s first European markets for Mirai with price starting from £66,000.

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