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Toyota Setsuna Concept​

Toyota Setsuna will make its world debut at the Milan Design Week and the interesting new concept is made mostly out of wood. The brand chose wood as material so it will grow relationships between customers and their cars based on its converts in appearance over the years. Meaning ‘moment’ in Japanese, the model was designed to reflect how people can experience special and memorable experiences with their cars. The brand feels that, these collective moments can give cars a significant place in their owners’ lives.

To design the model, the brand went with a variety of distinctive types of wood for different parts of the car, including exterior panels, frame, floor and seats, giving it elements that cannot be found in normal cars: it can last for many generations, if looked after properly, and its colour and texture will change based on its environment, especially to temperature and humidity, and how it is used.

The engineer overseeing Setsuna’s development, Kenji Tsuji said: “We would also like the viewer to imagine how Setsuna will gradually develop a complex and unique character over the years. it includes a 100-year meter that will mark across generations and seats that combine functionality with attractive, gentle hues of the wood.”