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Last year, there were 5 million of Toyota hybrids on the road - that's 80% of the total worldwide.

At the heart of your Toyota is Hybrid Synergy Drive® technology. This is the system that smartly combines petrol power with two electric motors to give you great fuel efficiency and smooth, near-silent driving. This innovative technology needs specialist care.

From the launch of Toyota Century, the first gas turbine hybrids in 1975 to the introduction of the World's first compact estate hybrid in the Auris Touring Sports in 2013, we have lead the way with hybrid.

An annual Hybrid Health Check at Johnsons Toyota is the best way to ensure you are safeguarding the health of your vehicle for years to come.

Johnsons Toyota will complete a full test of the whole Hybrid Synergy Drive® system. Our approved experts are trained to make this test accessible to help you fully understand the condition of your Toyota hybrid.

You will be given an extensive and accessible written report that will provide you with the itemised information from your Hybrid Health Check. Our technician will then talk you through the report so that you can fully understand the health of your hybrid, empowering you to make an informed decision on the next steps.

The Toyota Hybrid Health Check is the best way to ensure the optimal performance of your vehicle. By scheduling the health check annually you can spot any issues early and respond before they turn into bigger problems.

A free Hybrid Health Check is now included with any Hybrid Service. But if you're not due a service for a while you can still benefit from the Hybrid Health Check at a cost of £45.

This great value is combined with the added benefit of an extension to the warranty of your battery. With each Hybrid Health Check you will get up to 1 year or 10,000 miles extension (whichever comes soonest) on your hybrid battery cover which can be renewed up to the 15th anniversary of the car's registration with no limit on total mileage.